Training activities

>>>>>>> Offered training activities <<<<<<<

Advanced technologies

The training offered allows students to acquire expertise in cutting-edge technologies used in the plant production sector. Students take courses or workshops chosen from the following 4 categories:

- Data Processing (Bioinformatics, agrigenomics, ionomics, modeling and statistics)
- Multiscale imaging and precision agriculture
Innovative sustainable production practices
New statistical methods and scientific modelling

Professional skills

The acquisition of transversal skills enables students to develop entrepreneurship and essential skills to work in multidisciplinary teams. Students take courses or workshops chosen from the following thematics:

- Knowledge transfer skills
Career development skills: entrepreneurship in life sciences, research and innovation and international development

Partners in the AgroPhytoSciences program

Centre universitaire d'enrichissement de la formation à la recherche (CUEFR)

The CUEFR is a Université de Sherbrooke training center offering a PhD level enrichment program.

The CUEFR contributes to the courses offered through the AgroPhytoSciences program. The CUEFR collaborates with the Centre SÈVE to develop courses adapted for plant science students.

BioFuelNet Canada

BioFuelNet is a Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada (NCE) that brings together Canadian researchers from the advanced biofuels sector. Students of the Centre SÈVE, participating or not in the AgroPhytoSciences program, can take part in various training and networking activities offered by BioFuelNet Canada.